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1742 Orbit Way
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What's The Difference?

One Moving Part

Direct Drive technology means no linkages, springs or gears to wear or break.

Unique, internal pointer dampening technology eliminates the need for liquid fill.

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Military grade

The performance advantages of Gearless, Direct Drive over C-Tube design are so significant that the military requires direct drive on contracts for severe service.


Manufactured in Minden, NV using only American made parts.  Manufacturing processes not completed in house are outsourced to support local small businesses.

Unmatched Durability

Outperformance in any environment. Unmatched vibration, pulsation and shock resistance. 

Continuous cycling year after year with little wear to the internal mechanism.


Lower Cost of Ownership

Durability yields years of trouble-free service minimizing time and money spent on repair and replacement.

Mini-seal compatibility provides significant cost savings.

All Solid Front Case Designs

A very low volume elastic element, solid front case and high quality materials provide the safest gauge possible.