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1742 Orbit Way
Minden, NV, 89423
United States


What's The Difference?

Durable by design

Manufactured using Direct Drive technology, our gauges feature only one moving part; no linkages, springs, gears or liquid-fill to wear, break or leak.

  • Only one moving part
  • No liquid fill

USA Parts, USA Made, USA Owned

Proudly, our gauges are manufactured in Minden, NV using only American made parts.  Manufacturing processes not completed in house are outsourced to support local small businesses.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Only one moving part means Perma-Cal® gauges can cycle often 1,000,000 times or more without shift in calibration.

  • Priced approx. 20% below Direct Drive competitor
  • Significantly greater life at a C-Tube price

Safety Comes Standard

A very low volume elastic element , rear blowout features and a solid front case produce the safest gauge possible.

  • Low volume elastic element
  • Solid front case
  • Rear blowout features

Direct Drive Outperforms

Perma-Cal® Direct Drive

Only one moving part

  • No Gears, No Linkages, No Springs
  • None of the primary culprits contributing to the premature failure of C-Tube gauges

No Liquid Fill

  • Internally dampened to reduce pointer flutter
  • No internal mechanical components requiring lubrication

Competitors C-Tube Design

Multiple moving parts

  • Multiple mechanical moving parts
  • Over time, movement-amplifying gears, linkages and springs can wear or break

Liquid Filled

  • Liquid-filled to reduce pointer flutter and for internal lubrication.
  • Over time, liquid fill can leak causing premature failure

Greater wear means greater costs

  • Fatigue life often only 20,000-30,000 cycles
  • Mechanical components wear under vibration and pulsation requiring a shorter re-certification cycle.

Greater life equals lower costs

  • Fatigue life oftentimes of 1,000,000 cycles or more
  • Longer re-certification cycle as you see fit
  • Far superior performance at a competitive price
  • Priced approx. 20% below Direct Drive competitor

Safety is optional

  • Optional solid front case
  • High volume elastic element where under catastrophic failure can spill large amounts of process.
  • Rear blowout features

Safety comes standard

  • All gauges feature a Solid Front Case for greater protection
  • Low volume elastic element
  • Rear blowout features

years of trouble free service

Quality materials provide years of trouble free service.  Perma-Cal® gauges require no maintenance except for the periodic calibration re-certification outlined within your quality assurance guidelines.  This type of trouble free service is a direct result of design simplicity coupled with the high quality materials used in gauge construction.