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Military Trusted Gauges

"Pressure Points"

A blog about pressure gauges, really? At Perma-Cal®, even pressure gauges have a story to tell.

Military Trusted Gauges

Ross Tinseth

As with any tool we use or process we oversee, even as simple as brewing coffee, we want it to work. Most of the time, if there is a malfunction with tools or processes, it ends up causing frustration and annoyance. Universally unwelcomed emotions. Reliability is certainly a matter of the utmost importance, especially when people’s lives or livelihoods depend on it.

The U.S. military needs their equipment/systems to work. End of story. A malfunction of any kind during operation could lead to disaster, and that is why Perma-Cal® builds gauges reliable enough for our troops to depend on; to withstand the abuse seen in real-world military applications and continue functioning properly.


We are proud to offer our Mil-Spec Pressure Gauges, originally designed for the US Navy, for use on your critical application. Perma-Cal® gauges are made in the USA, using USA parts, and we are proud to offer a product that is trusted by our military.


Our Military Grade gauges are battle ready and have endured rigorous military testing. Our design has passed Mil-S-910 shock testing and select Mil-G-18997 environmental tests.

This makes them suitable to perform in applications requiring:

  • High vibration, pulsation or shock resistance.

  • High temperature or corrosion resistance.

  • Reliable readings in critical locations.


Like so many of us, I have someone close to me who proudly served our country. My brother was an Airborne Engineer for the U.S. Army and he tells me—any chance he can get—about the abuse the equipment saw during routine use, let alone in combat.

I am confident that when a Perma-Cal® gauge is on a system, it is not the weak link in the chain. For my brother, and so many other’s loved ones who serve our country, I want to ensure that we have the best for them. That is why I am glad Perma-Cal® is playing its part in manufacturing gauges that meet or exceed military standards.