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Custom Dials

Customize a dial to meet your unique specifications


Add your logo to any of our standard dials

To develop a custom dial using your logo or other supplied artwork, contact the factory or complete the custom dial form.

In addition to the ability to print your custom artwork, the custom dial form allows you to provide further customization information such as, dial material, desired accuracy, single or dual scale, units of measure, etc.  

To further customize a gauge to your specifications complete the custom gauge form.

Dial Customization Options

  • Dial Size
    • 2.5 Inch
    • 3.5 Inch
    • 4.5 Inch
    • 6 Inch
    • 8.5 Inch
  • Dial Material (Stainless Steel is standard)
  • Accuracy
  • Custom Graduations
    • Outer and Inner Scales
    • Major, Intermediate and Minor Increments
  • Special Labeling or Logo Artwork
  • 15psi to 15,000psi (or equivalent)
  • Range Types
    • Single Scale
    • Dual Scale
    • Vacuum and Compound
  • Range Units
    • psi
    • bar
    • kPa
    • MPa
    • kg/cm²
    • FSW
    • MSW
    • Ft. H2O
    • inHg
    • mmHg
  • Custom Units
    • Tons of Force
    • Metric Tons
    • Pounds