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Complete Customization

Severe Service Specialists

Our custom gauges are designed to meet your required performance specifications. 

We want to build a gauge for your toughest application. 

Durable by Design

Our Direct Drive technology provides greater flexibility, allows for unique mounting configurations, and is easily adaptable to meet your desired performance specifications.  

Dependably delivers consistent high accuracy and service under conditions of extreme vibration and pressure pulsation.  

Our gauges meet or exceed all applicable industrial, military and aerospace criteria.

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We look forward to combining our joint engineering expertise to build a gauge that solves your pressure measurement problem.  



  • Demanding OEM applications

  • Industrial applications

  • Submarine depth measurement

  • Fuel & Oil pressure

  • Breathing systems

  • Commercial & military vehicle hydraulic systems

  • Pneumatic systems

  • Pump applications

  • Sea Exploration equipment

  • Defense Systems and more...


  • Direct Drive Design (helically-wound Bourdon tube)

  • No liquid fill (internally dampened)

  • Case and window designed to meet performance requirements

  • Shock Resistance: up to 100 G's

  • Ambient Temperature: -65°F to +450°F

  • Burst Pressure: minimum 500% F.S. pressure

  • Overpressure: upwards of 180%

  • Fatigue Life: often 1,000,000 cycles or more

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