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Certified Accuracy

Test Gauges

Test gauges deliver certified accuracy at ±.25% full scale (Grade 3A)*, feature a knife-edged pointer for precision readings, and come with a calibration certificate traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) included in the price.

Process Gauges

Process gauges feature bold lettering and an easy read pointer.  They are available in ±.5% full scale (Grade 2A)* or ±.5% mid-scale/ ±1% full scale* accuracy.  They can be purchased with a calibration certificate for additional cost.  Process gauges are also available in a larger number of ranges.

All Perma-Cal® gauges have a high repeatable accuracy and instantaneous action.  The full scale accuracy rating is applicable in both ascending and descending modes on all gauges except for gauges rated above 5,000 PSI*.  Gauges in this pressure range offer descending accuracy of ±1% full scale.

* All accuracy options are not available in all ranges, i.e. ranges above 5.000 psi are ±1% full scale descending accuracy.  For further details on ascending and descending accuracy see bulletin.