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Miscellaneous Options

Options to better suit your needs

Part No: (abcdefgghij-k)

Calibration Certificate: certifies the calibration of the gauge at specific test points.  Standard on all test gauges, pneumo depth gauges and caisson gauges.  Optional on process gauges | Code: (-C)

Helium Leak Test Certified | Code: (-H)All gauges go through rigorous leak testing.  This option applies if you require certification.

Tempered Glass Lens | Code: (-L): a tempered glass lens replaces our standard acrylic lens and is often added as an option in order to increase the temperature tolerance of a gauge subject to high ambient temperatures.

Nicrobraze | Code: (-N)nickel braze is recommended in ammonia service.  This option is unavailable on ranges of 4,000 psi or higher.

Oxygen Cleaned | Code: (-O)gauge is specially cleaned for use in oxygen service.

Stop Pin | Code: (-P)prevents the pointer from traveling beyond a specific position.

Reid Vapor Handle Installed | Code: (-R)optional handle that can be attached to any 4.5" no flange gauge.  They are typically used to execute the Reid Vapor Tension method described in ASTM D323.

Stainless Steel Tag | Code: (-T)typically hung from the base of the gauge reading any information you specify.

Ray Series | High-Visibility Dial | Code: (-Y): See Ray Series for specifications

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